Solar Heat Reflective Paint

  • Solar Heat Reflective Paint is acrylic base polymers used for UV and IR rays to reradiate in atmosphere. It is selective white in colour.
  • It reflects UV & IR rays back. It makes inner wall and terrace surface cool & comfort.
  • It reradiates 95% of IR & UV rays back to atmosphere.
  • It also works as waterproofing Coat or Paint.
  • It has double properties.
  • Reduces cost of Air Conditioning and saves energy. It is eco friendly.
Chemical for Wall Plastering
Manufacturers of Waterproofing Materials

About Weathertuff

Chitra Insultec Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to offer efficient solution for the protection of building surfaces, and allied construction & industrial solutions. Its brand WeatherTuff is synonym for quality, high functionality and protective covering.

Committed to environmental protection, product quality, safety and technology advancement, the company is a major Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Industrial Paint & Coating, Protective Exterior Paint, Construction Waterproofing Materials, Primer, Cement Plasticizer, Water Repellents, Paver Block Hardner etc.



Eco Kool Home

Eco Kool Home

Solar Heat Reflective Paint Products

1. Insultec:

It gives amazing result for solar heat reduction. It is acrylic base, can be applied externally on roof, sheets, terrace, walls, industrial shades etc. It is white in colour.

2. Eco Kool Home:

Eco Kool Home is a solar heat re-radiating membranous paint. Its a remarkable selective white membranous paint that stops the solar hear transfer and keeps the interiors cool.Eco Kool Home when applied to the external sun exposed surface of a building it re-radiates 85% of the solar Infra Red Rays & 75% Ultra Violet Rays back in the atmosphere.

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